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Second Cut Project

"The most successful retail activation
this brand seen to date"

- Denise Anderson, Smartwool Head of Global Marketing

Second Cut Project was a collaborative effort lead by our desire to be industry leaders in up cycling old socks into new products. Working closely with our Sustainability Team, Product Development Team, Director of Sustainability and various outside vendors such as Material Designs we were able to bring this concept to life digitally on owned channels such as emails,, our internal hub site "what matters", social media channels, retail outlets and on on-line stores. 

The Stats:

Over 250 retailers participated in the program, displaying signage and collection boxes in store. Digital social & commerce assets created for retailers resulted in incredibly strong retail engagement on social- likely the best we've ever seen according to Laura Rysz, Senior Manager, Integrated Marketing for Smartwool. Paid ads also drove very strong engagement and click-through, resulting in nearly 7% increase in engagement and  over 3% increase in click-through. 


Art Direction & Design - Devon Dalzell

ACD - Cody Radcliff

Copy Writing - Noah Schniderman

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